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Sell Pittsburgh Triplex Quickly

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Recently, I had a friend ask me about a story where I helped someone that needed to Sell Pittsburgh Triplex Quickly. Well, the story was very easy and had a happy ending:-)

There was a seller that was at retirement age and had a triplex for 40+ years. The building had extensively delayed capital expenditures meaning a lot of deferred repairs/maintenance, thus many updates were needed. The property also had less than desirable tenants (long story).

We had the opportunity to buy the triplex in the North Hills of Pittsburgh and the gentleman was very happy as he had planned a vacation to FL (pre covid). We closed on the property 90 days later as we had to clear multiple title lien issues. The gentleman then took that much-needed vacation!

The 7 months after was the tough part as there was an extensive rehab process that we embarked on while hitting many roadblocks along the way. We do not have a Facebook or Instagram page yet, however, we will post before and after pictures of the work that was completed! You can say we have been off the grid with our investing over the years, but that’s about to change!

In short, we helped someone in Pittsburgh, buy, rehabbed, hit multiple challenges, and then completed the large project (finally!) We then found great tenants in the area that are enjoying the new living environment.

As always, reach out with questions!

Sell Pittsburgh triplex, if you’re interested, give us a call today – we would be happy to discuss your options with you.