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Will I make money If I Sell My Home To A Cash House Buyer in Pittsburgh?

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cash house buyerSometimes, homeowners would want to sell their real estate property. Some homeowners want to sell their property because they inherited mortgage payments that they cannot pay.   Other times, property owners are relocating to another property and they need to sell their house fast. There are also instances where properties are on the brink of foreclosure. They do everything to sell their house, except go to a cash house buyer.

The traditional process of selling real estate properties is getting the property through listings. After listing your property, you have to go through a series of negotiations, home remodeling, pricing, and closing before getting your money. On the other hand, a cash house buyer will directly buy your home for cash and will look for a seller. 

The truth is that not every home is going to sell using the traditional real estate method of selling, especially damaged homes. The good news is that a this type of buyer will purchase your property in whatever condition. 

What is a cash house buyer?

cash house buyerCash offer | Photo from Unsplash 

A professional cash buyer is an individual or company that can make a direct cash offer for your house. A cash buyer is an entity or person that buys your house for cash and is typically not connected to any bank or lending company.  I say typical, as lines of credit can be used, so in theory that is a lending line but with different parameters.

A cash buyer buys a real estate property using their capital directly. A cash buyer can buy your house quickly because they are not waiting for loans, a mortgage process, or any indirect source of funding. In a perfect world, a cash buyer should have the reputation of saving people from real estate debt and unwanted properties. However, some people put cash home buyers into a bad rap although they are helping folks that are potentially in a bad situation.

There is a stereotype that a cash buyer gives the property owner less money.  The house is valued on the condition so there are many cases they do sell less due to the rehab needed, however, the exception does not make the rule and in most cases homeowners do not want to embark in a large renovation project.

You can still make money after selling your house to a cash buyer. A credible cash house buyer like Buys Houses will give you the right price for your real estate property.  There are several reasons why you should sell your home to a cash buyer. 

Why sell your house to a cash house buyer?

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You own all the money 

The best advantage of selling your house to a cash buyer is that you will own all of the money. The traditional way of selling your real estate property involves giving a real estate agent a commission of 6% after the property sale. On the other hand, a cash house buyer would not take your money. They give you money for your home. 

A cash house buyer provides less hassle 

cash house buyerStressed from selling a house | Photo from Unsplash

The process of selling real estate is long. Sometimes, selling your property can be stressful, but this style of buyer offers you convenience. One of the most tiring chores to do is clean your house for house showings. You don’t need to clean anything when selling your house to cash home buyers because they buy houses as is

Repairs and home remodeling are also needed if you want to sell your house the standard way. Again, this won’t be needed when selling your house because of the reasons mentioned above, but it doesn’t end there. You have to present your home to potential sellers. 

You don’t have to do showings

Once you put your house up for listing, you will have strangers walk into your house every day and you will have to repeatedly tell each one the specifications and amenities of your real estate property. You should take note that this can happen every single day until you have a buyer for your home. You won’t have to go through all that with a cash buyer. 

Most of the time, a cash buyer only needs one tour to make an offer. This offer could come in as soon as 24 hours. Once the offer has been accepted, it is up to the seller, not the buyer, to decide when the deal will close. We can help you close in 5 days if you need to. If you need it to take a little bit longer, that’s fine. When you sell your home to a buyer, the process is quick and easy.

There is less fall-through 

Imagine someone agreeing to your offer, only for them to back out at the last minute. That would be a lot of trouble! This could happen if you use a realtor to sell your home. There are times when buyers can’t get a loan. Sometimes they just think twice, hesitate, and then decide they are no longer interested in your house.

You won’t have to experience fall throughs when selling your house as well. Selling your home to a cash house buyer is a surefire way to sell your house fast. This buyer will buy your house, close within a few weeks, and never hesitate to buy your property. 

Will you make money by selling your house to a cash house buyer?

cash house buyer Money | Photo from Unsplash 

Yes, you can make money selling your house this way. However, it is not the typical way of making money through profits. You can make money from selling your house to a cash buyer because you have all of the profits made from selling your home. 

For example, let’s say that a  buyer purchases your house that you bought 20 years ago and at the time, you bought your house for $60,000. This year, a cash house buyer may offer you $95,000 for your house for its current condition as the market price can fluctuate if rehab is needed. That alone gives you a profit of $95,000 from selling your home to a cash home buyer. 

This sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. You will have less effort and more profit from selling your house to a cash home buyer than the traditional way of real estate. You won’t lose any money too. 

Let’s say that you sold the house for $95,000. By selling your house to a cash home buyer, you save around $5,700 because you won’t have to pay for a 6% commission. You will also save around $20,000 – $40,000 because you don’t have to renovate your home when selling it to a cash home buyer. 

And in some cases, selling your house to a cash home buyer, won’t make you money. However, it also prevents you from losing more. Some homes require a ton of repairs and fixing just to get the bare minimum requirements for a home sale. They will have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs and countless hours to sell the house. 

Once they decide to sell their house to a cash home buyer, they can at least salvage some money and have fewer losses. 

How do you sell your house to a cash house buyer?

sell your houseSell your house | Photo from Unsplash

If you are interested in selling your house to a cash home buyer, all you need to do is contact them and they will ask about the details of your home. 

Once they already know everything about your home, the cash house buyer will have to go to your property and make an assessment. After the assessment, the cash home buyer will either make an offer on the spot or after a few days. 

Once the cash home buyer gives you an offer, you can accept, negotiate, or decline. If you decline the offer, a reputable cash home buyer such as Buys Houses will never persuade or harass you just so they can buy your house. we buy houses in Pittsburgh and will not cal you again if you don’t like our prices.

But if you accept the offer, you will now sign a sales and purchase agreement. This is a contract between you and the buyer that states all the necessary details about the transaction between both parties. 

At this point, the buyer will ask if you have a property lien on the house. You can also ask the cash home buyer for proof of funds. 

If the above process goes smoothly you can complete the sale of your house in a few days or within a few weeks. Once you transfer the home title to the cash home buyer, you will receive your cash payment. 

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