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How to sell your house fast during the holidays this year?

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sell your house fastSell your house fast during holidays | Photo from Unsplash

The holidays are approaching and for sure, everyone is busy preparing for thanksgiving and Christmas. The real estate industry is also affected by seasons. The seasonality of the real estate market depends on the state. In Pennsylvania, the peak season for selling real estate properties is during the month of May to August. However, there are ways on how to sell your house fast during the holidays this year. 

Houses in Pennsylvania sell from May to August because families want to settle down in a new home before the beginning of the next school year. There are less families that move during the months between November and January because the holiday season is already hectic. The good news for buyers is that sellers are willing to negotiate during these months just to sell their property. 

If you are a property owner there is no need to worry. There are still benefits to selling your house during the holidays. Moreover, there are several ways you can sell your home during this season. 

Why are the holidays to sell my house fast (Pittsburgh)

sell your house fastWinter fun | Photo from Unpslash

Sure, the best months for real estate are during summer and spring. However, this doesn’t mean that selling your home during the holidays is necessarily bad. Your home might not be in the middle of a bidding war during winter, but there are benefits in selling your home during this season. 

You have less competition 

During the holidays, everyone is busy with their end of the year activities. In real estate, most sellers would rather spend the holidays than market their home. It is general knowledge that people should wait until spring for a home sale. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no buyers during the holiday season. 

Just because more people are looking for homes during spring, doesn’t mean that they would purchase. There is a lot of competition in real estate during the middle of the year. For sure, buyers would tend to look for houses until they find the perfect one. The case is different during winter because inventory is lower. The holidays mean that there is less competition in the real estate market in your area. 

Buyers have endless options available in the real estate market. The best time to present your home is when other property sellers are busy preparing for their holiday celebrations. With the right marketing, you can still make money during the holiday season. 

Buyers are more likely to buy 

sell your house fastBuying more during winter | Photo from Freepik 

There are more property buyers during summer and spring, but it doesn’t mean that all of them are willing to buy your house. Winter is the time where most people spend their precious time with their beloved family and friends. If they choose to view property between thanksgiving and new year, there is a huge chance that they are more willing to buy. You might have quicker sales by selling your home during the holidays. 

During the holidays, there will be employees who will get notified about job transfers or better employment opportunities in a specific area. These people will most likely need a home as soon as possible. They cannot wait for spring, that is why they are searching for homes during the holidays. Once this type of buyer comes, you can negotiate and increase your home price a little because they know that the market is currently scarce. 

I can sell my house fast (Pittsburgh) due to tax breaks 

Property tax savings may not be the main reason people buy a new home, but it could be a reason why serious buyers move during the holidays. This is because if the sale closes on or before December 31, the buyer can deduct the mortgage interest, property taxes, and loan interest costs. Even though the deduction is limited by the new tax laws, the tax benefits could still encourage a buyer to move during the holidays instead of waiting until spring.

How can I sell my house fast (Pittsburgh) during the holidays?

Use the holidays as a theme to sell my house fast (Pittsburgh)

Christmas time - we buy housesHoliday decor | Photo from Freepik

During the holidays, you would have to prepare your home for staging once you decide to sell it. One of the best ways to sell your house fast during this season is to decorate your home with holiday memorabilia. When decorating your home, you can go for general holiday symbols such as a Christmas tree, snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas lights. 

Some people will opt for religious designs but it is not highly suggested, unless you want to sell your home specifically on a certain demographic. Decorating your home with Christian and religious Christmas symbols can deter other people with different beliefs. Staying non-religious with the decor will get you the most potential buyers. 

Festive lights and decorations can make people buy your home. You can use this opportunity to market your home the best way possible. People might impulsively buy your home out of pure emotion during the holidays. 

How pricing will sell my house fast (Pittsburgh)

Your home will sell faster during the holidays if it has the right price. When pricing your home, you should search for comparable homes in the Pittsburgh area, the current housing market, and housing demand. If your home looks like the others in a certain area, you can sell your home faster during the holidays when you lower prices.

But if your home provides amenities and greater value, you can price it higher than the average price. Houses with more area and amenities are always preferred by buyers. If your home has these qualities, you can sell faster during the holidays because your property stands out more than the others. 

You can also use strategic price points when selling your home. Strategic price points make your home’s price cheaper than it actually is. This is the same psychology used in stores that have “.99” at the price of their goods. More people would consider buying a home that costs $99,000 than a home that costs $100,000. 

sell my house fast (Pittsburgh) using curb appeal

sell your house fastShoveling snow | Photo from Freepik

During the holidays, your neighborhood may look even better to people who want to buy a house. You don’t want to go overboard with your holiday decorations on the outside of your house, but you do want it to stand out along with the other houses on your block. 

During the winter, your lawn may not be as green as it is in the summer, and the trees may not have any leaves on them. So, if you want to sell your home in the winter, you need to put the curb appeal at the top of your list of things to do. Make sure to pick up all the sticks, dead leaves, and other trash and to neatly trim your lawn. 

Even in the winter, a few weeds that stick up from the ground can make your lawn look like it hasn’t been taken care of. If you have pictures of your home at different times of the year when your curb appeal is full of flowers, it might be a good idea to have these available for homebuyers during home tours. 

This way, people who want to buy your house won’t have to try to picture it in different seasons; they can just see it for themselves.

Make your house welcoming to sell my house fast (Pittsburgh)

delicious cookies - we buy housesMaking holiday treats | Photo from Unsplash 

One of the reasons why people don’t go house hunting during the holiday season is because of the cold weather. The winter will make patios and walkways covered with snow and ice. Furthermore, snowing can also make stairways slippery. During this season, you want to make sure that your homebuyers are safe from these hazards. 

If you want your home to sell faster during the holidays, you might want to shovel snow and clear your pathways every day. To melt ice on your pathways, you can use rock salt, kitty litter, or chemical anti-icers to prevent ice from forming in your home. Once the buyers get inside your home, make them feel cozy. 

You can make your potential buyers feel warm by adjusting the thermostat, turning on the fireplace, and offering them holiday treats. As much as possible, make them feel welcome for as long as you can. If they spend more time in your home, they can admire its best features more. 

Go to cash house buyers 

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Sell my house fast (Pittsburgh)

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