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We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh PA

If you want to sell your house quickly in Pittsburgh, we buy houses in Pittsburgh, PA as-is and we can give you a fair offer for your house today! 

Are you experiencing a tough time right now? Is your family relocating to another state? Or perhaps, your real estate property is causing you more burden due to delayed repairs? Getting divorced? Or wanting to avoid foreclosure from happening? The quickest solution to these problems is to sell your house to a direct cash buyer. Luckily, we buy houses in Pittsburgh without the staggering time and inspections.

Who is Buys Houses? We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh PA

Buys Houses is a real estate solutions company that helps homeowners sell their houses in Pittsburgh without the hassle. We help homeowners get their money quickly once we buy their houses in Pittsburgh while giving them a fair cash offer as fast as possible. With Buys Houses, all you have to do is sell your house to us as-is and we will take care of the rest. 

We are the top real estate buyers in the Pittsburgh area who have the solution to your real estate problem. As a local owned business, we understand how frustrating it is to not have a buyer after all the renovations, property listings, and costs. We buy houses in Pittsburgh so our clients can continue to move on with their lives as quickly as possible. 

Take the pressure out of attempting to sell your house fast. We are a company that buys properties for cash, so you won’t need to go through the lengthy selling process. When you work with us, you won’t have to endure multiple open houses, consider home staging, be concerned about expensive closing expenses, or struggle with challenging selling procedures.

We buy houses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We’re not agents or brokers; we are actually the people who buy houses! 

How do we buy houses in Pittsburgh?

We buy houses in Pittsburgh directly to make the house buying process quick.  If your house meets our purchasing criteria, we are ready to buy it once you ask us to. After buying your property, you have nothing else to do but collect your cash while we do repairs, reselling, or keep the house and turn it into a rental property. 

You do not have to worry about the condition of your home or if repairs are needed. If you want to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh, all you have to do is sell us your house and we buy it. We do it straight to the point without you having to wait for financing, pay for agent fees, or fix the property yourselves. We don’t even care if your property is full of junk. We will take care of it for you! 

Once you contact us, what we will do is go to the location of your house, and assess the property value.  After seeing the property’s current condition, we offer a price based on the information we gathered. We offer a price that works for both us and the property owners. It only takes one day to complete all of these processes. 

At Buys Houses, we make sure that we buy houses in Pittsburgh at a fair price. If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them. If you are satisfied with our cash offer, the only thing left is closing formalities. On the other hand, we won’t bother you with annoying persuasion and endless phone calls if you don’t like our prices. That is the end of it.

Buys Houses is your ultimate solution if you want to sell your house for cash. Why choose us because you will get an instant quote. What you see is what you get. 

No Need to Clean!

When we say, “We Buy Houses as is”, we do mean, as is, in ANY condition! Take what you want & leave the rest, when you sell your house to “Buys Houses”!

we buy houses in Pittsburgh pa
we buy houses in Pittsburgh pa
we buy houses in Pittsburgh pa
we buy houses in Pittsburgh pa

How to Sell to Buys Houses


Tell us about your property as selling your house can be quick and simple


If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment


We’ll present you with a fair written, no-obligation offer


We close at a local reputable title company as quick as possible.

Why choose Buys Houses as we Buy Houses in Pittsburgh?

Getting your house sold by real estate agents or other cash buyers usually means that you have to give them their commission. We at Buys Houses are different from traditional home buyers because we buy houses in Pittsburgh without charging you for commissions. Once you sell your house fast, you get all of the money from us. 

We also make sure that you don’t have to pay by other means as well. This is why we cover all of the closing costs, repairs, and all of the burden that comes along with your property. Once you sell your property to us, we won’t let you shoulder any of the responsibility. Buys Houses is your quick and simple answer if you need an escape from financial burdens or cash for your needs. 

Buy Houses in Pittsburgh compared to the traditional process?

Many homeowners in Pittsburgh are still considering the traditional way of working with a real estate agent and listing their house. Yes, having a traditional listing has its benefits. However, it won’t answer the question “how to sell my house fast in Pittsburgh?” 

On average, real estate agents have a 6% commission when selling your home traditionally. Imagine selling a house for $100,000 and you have to give a commission of $6,000 to your local real estate agent. At Buys Houses, we buy houses in Pittsburgh and make sure that you receive the proceeds quickly.

On the other hand, there are also closing costs when it comes to real estate sales. Getting your house listed using the traditional method gives you the responsibility of paying for 2% closing costs at a minimum. This might be a smaller number but we at Buys Houses make sure we can make the process easy and fast. 

Aside from money, you also spend more time when listing your home using the traditional real estate process. When you put your house on a listing, you need to process inspection and financing contingency. These contingencies give the buyer the right to hire an inspector to see the issues of the house and take time to have a mortgage before buying the property. 

If financing is denied, the buyer can cancel buying the home when selling your home traditionally. On the other hand, the buyer can still have a week to cancel the purchase after home inspection. Imagine going through a lengthy process just to get canceled. At Buys Houses, we buy houses in Pittsburgh directly without the need of inspectors and mortgage because we buy houses as-is. 

Appraisals might be needed as well when putting your real estate property for listing. The buyer pays for the appraisal and once they find out that a home’s appraisal value is lower than expected, they might cancel the purchase. Once this happens, you will be on the waiting list again for days or even months. 

And if you have homes that have major issues, they might not even pass inspection. At this point, you can get your home renovated before selling it. Of course, this would cost time and money. As mentioned earlier, we buy houses in Pittsburgh at whatever condition. This way, you won’t have to spend time and money on repairs. We can take care of it for you. If ever repairs are needed, the new investor pays for it. 

Most importantly, Buys Houses only needs one month or even less to sell your house in Pittsburgh. In the traditional real estate process of selling properties, you would need 60+ days just to close a deal after accepting the buyer’s offer. Our company acts quickly to close on the property to avoid some of this pain.

We at Buys Houses don’t want to add to the burdens you are already experiencing. Now that you have an easier option for your property, the best logical decision you can make is to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh to Buys Houses. We buy houses in Pittsburgh to make your problems go away.

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At Buys Houses, our main goal is to help homeowners find answers to their problems. We are here to assist you find a solution so you may keep doing the things you enjoy, whether you’re dealing with a burdensome property, probate, past-due taxes (tax liens), deferred maintenance, or anything else. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the greatest service and results possible, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that happens at every turn.

If you are interested in selling your house fast in the Pittsburgh area, look no further as Buys Houses will work to buy your house quickly in Pittsburgh. If you have more questions about our company, ways of selling your property in Pittsburgh, the buyer market in Pennsylvania, or getting your property sold, you can ask your inquiries to our Contact Us of Facebook Page

You can also call us at 412-561-9833 if you are interested in selling your house fast today!

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